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Our Three Core Values

Sustainable development as a reality

This core value features in the training of future managers who will know how to exercise their social and environmental responsibilities at work, as well as in daily life.
EM Strasbourg has made concrete and formal commitments to sustainability, such as signing the UN Global Compact Charter.

Ethics: knowing how to "do the right thing"

Understanding how to make professional and personal choices in line with one’s own values and the values of those around us is how we understand – and train students in – the practical application of ethics. This is an ongoing commitment at EM Strasbourg.

Diversity as an asset

EM Strasbourg trains students who reflect the diversity of the French population. It has thus developed a research programme on the subject of diversity (generational management, religion in business, social openness, etc.).

The Three Values Course

Launched in 2012, the Three Values Course features several days of intensive discussion, debate, and innovative training that is based on real-life scenarios and delivered via an e-learning format. The objective is to ensure that students master EM Strasbourg’s three core values as part of their managerial skill set.

Date of update August 21, 2018

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