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PhD in Management Science
Field : Strategy

Teaching fields

Stratégie, prospective et anticipation

Research topics

Reconnaissance, industries créatives, trajectoires


2017- - Associate Professor, EM Strasbourg, Université de Strasbourg
2012-2017 - Assistant Professor, Institut Supérieur de Gestion, Paris
2011-2012 - Post-doctorat, Grenoble Ecole de Management et Cambridge University, Paris et Cambridge (UK)
2007-2011 - Doctorat en sciences de gestion, Université de Grenoble, Grenoble
2006-2007 - Master 2 Recherche en Organisations, IAE Grenoble, Grenoble
2004 - Diplôme d'études supérieures en management, Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble
Academic articles / Management and economics / Section 37
"Exploring the Links between Reputation and Fame: Evidence from French Contemporary Architecture", (with A. Boutinot, I. Joly, V. Mangematin, S. Ansari), Organization Studies, 2017 [CNRS cat. 1 / FNEGE rang 1 / HCERES]
"The Role of Wikipedia on Corporate E-reputation - Evidence from French Companies", (with I. Khelladi, A. Boutinot), International Studies of Management and Organization, 2017 [CNRS cat. 3 / FNEGE rang 3 / HCERES]
"How Do Creative Genres Emerge? The Case of the Australian Wine Industry", (with G. Croidieu, C. Rüling, A. Boutinot), Journal of Business Research, Vol. 69, n° 2334-2342, 2016 [CNRS cat. 2 / FNEGE rang 2 / HCERES]
"The Historical Study of Institutional Change Over Long Periods: Pitfalls and Perspective. A Commentary on The Article By Hélène Peton And Stéphan Pezé", (with T. Daudigeos, A. Boutinot, S. Jaumier), M@na@gement, Vol. 18, n° 3, 2015 [CNRS cat. 2 / FNEGE rang 2 / HCERES]
"Reputational Spillovers: Evidence from French Architecture", (with A. Boutinot, S. Ansari, M. Belkhouja, V. Mangematin), Strategic Organization, Vol. 13, n° 4, 2015 [CNRS cat. 3 / FNEGE rang 3 / HCERES]
"Surfing on Institutions: When Temporary Actors in Organizational Fields Respond to Institutional Pressures", (with A. Boutinot, V. Mangematin), European Management Journal, Vol. 31, 2013 [CNRS cat. 3 / FNEGE rang 3 / HCERES]
"Governing Workplace Safety through Apparatuses: A Historical Study of the French Construction Industry in the 20th Century", (with T. Daudigeos, S. Jaumier, A. Boutinot), Organization, forthcoming [CNRS cat. 1 / FNEGE rang 1 / HCERES]
Academic articles (other journals)
"Taking Stock of Institutional Complexity: Anchoring a Pool of Institutional Logics into the Interinstitutional System with a Descendant Hierarchical Analysis", (with T. Daudigeos, A. Boutinot, S. Jaumier), Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Vol. 39, n° B, 2013
Chapters in research books
"Reputation-Building in the French Architecture Field", in : Chris Mathieu, "in :Careers in Creative Industries", Rootledge, 2011, (with A. Boutinot)
Written cases with instructional materials
Meubles du Plexin : Reprise d’entreprise et réflexion stratégique. Should I stay or should I go?, CCMP, ECCH , 2016, (with A. Boutinot, V. Steyer, J. Miller, J. Cadot)
La Bobine : Evolution d’un modèle économique et enjeux identitaires dans l’économie de la culture, CCMP, ECCH , 2014, (with S. Le Loarne, A. Boutinot)
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