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Herbert Castéran

Dean of EM Strasbourg Business School

Our Ambition for our Students

Today's students must constantly adapt to an ever-changing world where current professional roles will differ from tomorrow's. Through its choices, EM Strasbourg Business School consistently asserts itself as a school ready to embrace all possible futures.


Director of International Relations

Set out to discover another culture

"EM Strasbourg Business School has more than 200 partner universities worldwide. Your year abroad is a unique opportunity to open up to the world and to acquire the necessary skills to work for an international company."

Marie Pfiffelmann and Babak Mehmanpazir

As (respectively) Director of Studies and Deputy Director of the Grande École programme, Marie Pfiffelmann and Babak Mehmanpazir are the specialist advisors for the school’s flagship course.

Training responsible managers

“The international dimension of the Grande École programme is without doubt a key element in our identity that sets us apart from other manager training programmes in France.”

Marie-Laure Schreiber

Director of Corporate Culture, Values and Ethics at FM Logistic, Marie-Laure Schreiber is the business mentor for the Grande École programme’s 2013-2016 intake.

Realising ambitions

Family-owned company FM Logistic has become a benchmark reference in logistics services for manufacturers and distributors.

Enrico Prinz

Head of the Master’s degree in European Management Studies, Enrico Prinz also directs the Business administration module for the Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs.

A Franco-German Master’s degree

“As a leading programme in the School’s international academic offering, students following the course spend their first year of study at ESB Business School in Reutlingen, Germany, and the second year here, at EM Strasbourg.”

Jean-Philippe Bootz

Jean-Philippe Bootz, Chair of Knowledge Management, focuses his research on issues concerning the creation, optimisation and dissemination of knowledge in companies.

Managing knowledge

“It’s the interdisciplinary aspects that lend the Chair its originality. Being attached to a business school, its research will tend to focus on the field of business administration whilst maintaining as wide a range of approaches as possible.”

Christophe Michel

In his second year of studies for a Master’s degree in Business Engineering, Christophe Michel enrolled for further professional training to expand his knowledge and strengthen his skills base.

Career progress

“Whilst it certainly adds to my background as an electronics engineer, this Master’s degree course is also a great opportunity for learning, for discovering new challenges as well as opening up mindsets about business and companies.”

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