Bachelor of International Business

Choosing the Bachelor of International Business at EM Strasbourg means committing to a program of excellence and playing an active role in your education.

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Admission and Funding

Important Dates

  1. Registration :

    For registration, two steps are necessary:

    From January 18 to April 6, 2023: pre-register and validate your preferences on the Parcoursup site. Select the Ecricome Bachelor entrance exam, then the Bachelor of International Business at EM Strasbourg.

    As of March 2023: candidates must create their ESPACE CANDIDAT on using their Parcoursup ID.

  2. Tests :

    As of March 2023:

    Choose the date of your interviews at EM Strasbourg via your Ecricome ESPACE CANDIDAT.

    Choose, if necessary, a session for the TAGE Post Bac test.


  3. Eligibility results :

    As of June 1, 2023

  • Entry requirement

    High school or Bachelor (1st year)

  • Places


Admission Procedure

  • Prepare the following supporting documents:

    • Your parents' tax assessment for the previous year if you wish to see whether you are eligible for a scholarship
    • Your high school diploma registration number (OCEAN No., which only applies to applicants with a French baccalauréat)
    • A transcript of your preliminary test scores for your high school diploma 

    If you wish to enhance your application, you can submit a text highlighting 

    • your management or leadership experience (1,500 characters max.) 
    • your civic engagement (1,500 characters max.) 
    • your professional experience (1,500 characters max.) 
    • your openness to the world and specific sports and cultural activities (1,500 characters max.) 
  • Create an account on Parcoursup

    Parcoursup website

  • Create an account on Ecricome to choose your interview dates

    Ecricome website

  • Selection


    • Academic record (French bac, specialty, and core curriculum grades)
    • TAGE Post Bac score


    • Personal interview: to check that your professional objectives are adequate and coherent: educational background, internships (professional experience), personality, motivation, etc.
    • English interview: to check your level of English.
  • Ecricome examination

    • Fees: 
    Academic record and  interviews Without TAGE Post Bac test With TAGE Post Bac test
    Non-scholarship applicant €115 €165
    Scholarship applicant €30 €80


    • Review of application:
    French bac, specialty, and core curriculum grades 7
    TAGE Post Bac score 3


    • Interviews: 


      Duration Coefficient
    English interview 20 minutes 3
    Personal interview 20-30 minutes 7




Tuition for the Bachelor of International Business is €8,500/year (for the duration of the program), excluding university registration fees (about €250/year) and the CVEC contribution (about €95/year). There is no surcharge for studying abroad.


Grand Est Region scholarship

Their experience

"Joining EM Strasbourg has allowed me to develop many skills thanks to the different projects that the School offers. I was able to manage a team of 30 people, which was a unique and very educational experience, particularly for my age. The many partnerships at EM Strasbourg also allow us to become ...

Claire Wahl

"I joined EM Strasbourg after graduating from high school by entering the Bachelor of International Business. I am now a graduate of the Master of E-Marketing and Digital Strategy, which was a dual degree. With a wealth of experience abroad, a gap year, work experience, and various group experiences...

Arthur Kornicki

"I chose the Bachelor of International Business because it allows you to gain professional (nine months of internship) and international (three to nine months abroad) experience. I particularly enjoyed my first year in Southampton in the UK, the values-based project, and the second-year internship. ...

Mathilde May

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EM Strasbourg Business School, 61 avenue de la forêt-noire
EM Strasbourg Business School, 61 avenue de la forêt-noire


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