PGE Master’s Program

Programme Grande École (PGE), the flagship master’s program at EM Strasbourg, combines professional and personal development, academic excellence, and international immersion.


At EM Strasbourg, you can develop your personalized program thanks to electives, bilingual tracks, professionalization opportunities, international and multicultural experiences, as well as numerous specializations to choose from.


Discover and compare our three tracks!

Leadership Track

Do you want to gain experience running an association? Opt for this track which will allow you to become fully involved in the life of the School in the second year of the PGE. In the third year, you will spend two semesters abroad at one of our partner universities and have the opportunity to pursue a dual degree with one of our 15 privileged partners.  

Hybrid Track

This comprehensive track allows you to spend two semesters studying abroad during your second year and to complete your third year at EM Strasbourg, either via full-time study or co-op. 

Co-op Track

This track allows you to complete the last two years of your PGE master’s degree via co-op (a work-study program), and thus gain professional experience. Not only is your tuition paid in full by the company for these two years, but you also receive a salary.  

50 spots in the co-op track are available each year. 

Their experience

"EM Strasbourg allows us to envision a career path that is adapted to our individual desires and aspirations. I chose the Marketing & Customer Relations major. I also got involved in the Sports Association and the Ecricome Team Challenge. Classes and community life allow me to combine my passion...

Clément Maurin

"Programme Grande École at EM Strasbourg was a natural choice. Going abroad for a whole year was really a great opportunity for me. I was also attracted by the community life at EM; it was the richest and most memorable experience of my years at the School."

Nina Wion

"I chose to participate in various associations. I started with Europe Études, the Junior Enterprise, then became president of the Team Challenge, and finally was appointed to head a section of the Sports Association. This allowed me to combine my experience with my passion. I also chose to major in...

Alexandre Gueguen

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EM Strasbourg Business School, 61 avenue de la forêt-noire
EM Strasbourg Business School, 61 avenue de la forêt-noire


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