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Master's in International and European Business (Dual Degree Programme)

The Master's in International and European Business is also available for dual degree students attending the EM Strasbourg Business School within the framework of dual degree agreements concluded with specific partner universities. Upon the satisfactory completion of the programme, dual degree students are awarded the MIEB degree and the degree of their home universities.

Recruitment level: graduate
Type of diploma: Master's

Study period : 2 semesters
Next session  : sept. 2019


The Master’s in International and European Business (MIEB) is included in our Grande Ecole programme and is designed to train and educate professional managers ready to embark on careers in an international or European context. The programme is focused on the practical application of the principles of international management with the possibility to focus on one of the functional minors: finance, marketing, supply chain management and human resource management. In addition, a contextualized approach to international business is offered through the choice between two 'regional minors', wine and tourism management or European affairs.


Australia: University of Adelaide
Brazil: Universidad IBMEC
China: Southwestern University of Economics and Finance
Colombia: Universidad EAFIT
Germany: Technische Universität Dresden, Hhl/Handelshochschule Leipzig, Friedrich Alexander Universitat Erlangen Nürnberg, Eberhard-Karls, Universität Tübingen
Italy : Universita Degli Studi Di Pavia, Universita Ca'foscari
Spain: Universidad De Alcala, Universidad De Granada
Poland: Universytet Jagiellonski Krakow
Romania: Academia de Studii Economice din Bucuresti
Russia: Tyumen State University
Slovakia: University Of Economics In Bratislava
Switzerland: Université de Fribourg
United Kingdom: University Of Stirling, Heriot Watt University
Viet Nam: University Of Economics Hanoi, University Of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

Prospective students
Dual degree students nominated by the above listed partner universities.
Selection and application procedures
Students are selected by the EM Strasbourg Business School and partner universities based on specific criteria mentioned in our dual degree cooperation agreements.
All tuition fees must be paid to the home university. Non-EU residents must register to French social security (except for the residents of Quebec) on the following website: https://etudiant-etranger.ameli.fr/espace/
Students submit an on-line application form to EM Strasbourg Business School according to the procedure communicated to partner univesities.
Positions with companies requiring a good knowledge of European and International management practices and business environment.
Further study
International office
Email : sri-incoming@em-strasbourg.eu

Date of update April 4, 2019

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  • Global Wine Business
  • The European Market and Business Strategy
  • International Business Negotiations: Bridging the Cultural Gap
  • Sales Management
  • Organizational Behavior in International Contexts
  • Advanced International Finance

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