Cap career

Through seminars, courses, and individual personalized appointments, the Cap Career team supports you with the development of your career objectives and your personal development. 

“We are a compass for students. We help to guide them in their research. We are cheerleaders encouraging them and pushing them to believe in themselves, and product managers helping them work on communication tools and promoting themselves." In one sentence, Pauline Govart, Head of Cap Career, sums up the importance of the service in EM Strasbourg students’ professional lives.

It's Time to Be Yourself!

As all students are different and as choosing a program of study means taking control of their future, EM Strasbourg implements an educational program that allows students to prove themselves, to gain confidence and prestige. To achieve this goal, the Cap Career team proposes a progressive program over three years. Thanks to new experiences and fun workshops, you will get to know yourself better and nurture your #bedistinctive personality. These assets are essential in order to make a difference in an international context. 

What Are You Doing at the Moment?
Some Research...
About Myself

Cap Career: Integrated Support as Part of Your Program 
At EM Strasbourg, personal and professional development is more than just an option. This is why we have chosen to include it in your program of study. Your progress will be monitored throughout your studies, allowing you to validate ECTS credits.
The objective is to provide you with the tools necessary to build the career that suits you.

Breaking Down Stereotypes and Helping You Choose Your Program 

Proving Yourself and Finding Your Way 
At EM Strasbourg, we are convinced that every student is unique. So Cap Career's mission is to help you prove yourself and think outside the box. The goal? Find your way and come out of your shell, by taking the path that suits you. 

It All Starts with the AssessFirst Test 
The AssessFirst test will help you understand how you operate in a professional environment. You will be asked a series of questions in order to identify the features of your personality, particularly those that make you unique. 

Defining Your Career Objectives Together
At the end of this test, you will establish your objectives with our team by identifying the talents and resources that will contribute to the success of your personal and professional development. 

"Many students come to us with a distorted view of the job they want to do. Our mission is to help them understand the market and the reality of the assignments they will be asked to carry out at a company.  Our teaching method is based on awareness and not the transmission of theoretical ideas." 

Pauline Govart, Head of Cap Career

Work Together and Increase Your Professional Efficiency 
Social dynamics are an essential part of your professional life. EM Strasbourg trains future employees who will enjoy their daily work and feel fulfilled in their tasks. Understanding these social dynamics will allow you to adapt your behavior to the situation in order to avoid possible conflicts in the workplace. 

Our Students Give Their Testimonials 

"I never thought I'd find such strong, consistent, genuine support."

To say that I considered my plans, goals, and vision for the future on my own would be a lie. I have certainly worked on it a lot. I have weighed the various projects I have been involved in, but I could not have done it so calmly without Cap Career at EM Strasbourg. It's very difficult to envisage a career plan when you’re only 20. It was at that age, in 2017, that I knocked on Cap Career’s door. 
I climbed the ladder year after year and finally asked myself: "Well, how am I going to start my career?" This issue is far too important to be dealt with alone without sound advice. That's exactly what I found at Cap Career: advice and unwavering support at each new stage. Today, I am a few weeks away from being able to enter the job market during a public health crisis. Once again, I'm supported. Ms. Govart is always there to motivate me and review things in order to help me consider my plans in the best possible way. 
Alicia Lamothe, Third-year PGE student specializing in logistics