Ordre des Experts-comptables

Ordre des Experts-comptables - EM Strasbourg

Created by Ordinance in 1945, September 19th, the Ordre des Experts Comptables, OEC, (Institute of Chartered Accountants) guarantees the ethical conduct of their members regarding the public sphere. The Institute is represented by the Supreme Council (Conseil Supérieur) and its 23 Regional Councils, including the Alsace Regional Council.

It represents, promotes and defends its members not only in France but also abroad, and guarantees the ethical conduct. It enacts professional standards and issues guidance that should be followed by the chartered
accountants when completing their assignments. The OEC is actively working on the elaboration and dissemination of French and international accounting standards.

Reflecting their determination to provide the best quality services for companies and the national economy,   they are a key source of proposals upon public authorities for multiple technical issues. It is represented in Alsace by the Alsace Regional Council of OEC.