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The Alumni Association

The EM Strasbourg Alumni association gathers more than 22,000 graduates around the world. It supports EM Strasbourg students and graduates all along their career, be that during their job search or for entrepreneurial projects.

In close interaction with the socio-economic world, the Alumni association organizes numerous events and initiatives to foster the professional integration and reorientation of its members, to enhance the School’s notoriety, and to contribute to meeting the School’s strategic objectives.
Copyright : Bartosch Salmanski - 128db.fr
Copyright : Bartosch Salmanski - 128db.fr

Key missions:
  • Develop and animate EM’s worldwide alumni community;
  • Fulfil needs and expectations of both students and graduates by supporting them all along the curriculum and career (5 years after graduation);
  • Promote the School’s image and degree programs.

Throughout the year, the EM Strasbourg Alumni association organizes various events to provide networking opportunities for alumni and students: conferences, afterworks & concerts, wine tasting afterworks, company visits, golf events, etc.

The EM Strasbourg Alumni network is present in numerous local groups:
  • France (Strasbourg, Paris, Lyon) 
  • Germany
  • China
  • India 
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United Stated of America
  • Italia
  • Austria
  • Canada

More information on our Alumni website (FR)

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We look forward to meeting you in our network!

Date of update February 28, 2020

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