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Research at a glance - EM Strasbourg

Spotlight on research

Research at EM: conviction, quest for excellence, and commitment to passing on what we learn.

At EM Strasbourg, research is the gold standard that underpins the business school’s educational excellence and its contribution to society and the economy. It is through their ability to conceptualise and create new knowledge that EM Strasbourg researchers can deliver the cutting-edge content that best matches the actual needs of businesses today.

That is why we pay special attention to the excellence of our Research. This excellence is supported by an overarching EM research policy and the work of our two laboratories, LaRGE and HuManiS. EM’s research policy is implemented by an interdisciplinary “behaviour and decision-making” research group. It is also reflected in the increasing internationalisation of our collaborations and publications.

But for EM Strasbourg, research is only meaningful if it is rapidly and continuously passed on to our students and the business world. In addition to seminars that are open to corporate attendees, the EM Strasbourg Corporate Chairs and the foresight centre Observatoire des Futurs provide the ideal settings for co-creation and interaction between researchers and businesses. Finally, the training courses offered in the Executive Education programme allow for tangible operationalisation of the research results.

Herbert CASTÉRAN, Head of EM Strasbourg Business School
Marie PFIFFELMANN, Associate Director - Faculty and Research Management

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Research News Highlights

A showcase for research at EM

The purpose of Research News Highlights is to collate all of our school’s scientific activities and make them easily accessible through a single channel. The aim is to present the interactions, studies and publications from our network of researchers working in the major fields of management and finance. Every two months, we release a page of highlights selected from current news. 

Barbara FOUBET, Head of the Research Department