EM Strasbourg is recruiting

Because the development of talents is at the heart of the activity of a business school, the human resources management policy of EM Strasbourg Business School aims to detect, attract, motivate, develop, and retain them.

EM Strasbourg is recruiting - EM Strasbourg

Associate Professors

Each year, to support its ongoing development, EM Strasbourg Business School creates additional positions.

By joining us, you will be choosing a business school that places research at the forefront by virtue of its two prominent research centers, HuManiS and LaRGE, specialized in management and finance respectively.

At EM Strasbourg, academic freedom is strictly observed and guaranteed for faculty thanks to flexible work schedules, pedagogical freedom, and an everyday environment oriented toward research. Moreover, affiliated with the University of Strasbourg, our business school offers a particularly conducive environment for the development of interdisciplinary research.

The recruitment campaign for the 2023-2024 academic year is now closed, the next recruitment campaign will start in February 2024 for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Adjunct Lecturers

As part of its development and international accreditation policy, EM Strasbourg regularly recruits non-permanent adjunct lecturers for specific interventions or courses. The school is particularly open to applications from professionals and research lecturers with strong international potential in the field of all areas of management (marketing, accounting/finance, operations management, human resources.....).



Administrative Staff

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Visiting Professors

EM Strasbourg Business School’s annual Visiting Professorship (ViP) Program is aimed at international professors.
The two-week program focuses on research collaboration and teaching in the field of business administration / management.


Application period: every year during February.