Knowledge Management and Foresight

The Chair aims to produce cross-reflection between researchers and practitioners on issues of knowledge creation, sharing, and codification from a perspective of supporting innovation.


Editorial by Jean-Philippe Bootz


Volatile demand, shorter product life cycles, competition through innovation—all these things mean companies are now operating in a knowledge-based economy. The upheavals caused by this new context are comparable in nature to what Taylorism was for the postwar period and place the issue of creating, capitalizing, and disseminating knowledge at the center of concerns. Knowledge management practices have thus developed on a massive scale in companies and are the focus of the Chair's attention.

Jean-Philippe BOOTZ

Head of the Knowledge Management and Foresight Chair 0368858787

Our Research Areas

  • Communities of practice, which as self-organized structures provide free spaces for knowledge creation and sharing
  • Link between prospective studies and knowledge management
  • Experts: How do we define this complex stakeholder? How do we manage an expert within companies?


Our Mission

The Chair develops research activities (publication of scientific articles, books, conferences, and seminars) and collaborations with companies (exchange of practices and advice) around these three areas.

Since January 2016, in collaboration with the Alsace Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chair has been developing a community of practice, bringing together a dozen Alsatian manufacturers (including Alpaci, NSC Schlumberger, Wolfberger, Spirotec, Wanzl, and Liebherr) around the "human factor in the industry of the future." The objective of this group is to foster a dynamic of experience sharing, building collective solutions together and exploring projects among peers.


Since 2010, EDF and ÉS have supported the Knowledge Management Chair, headed by Jean-Philippe Bootz, an expert in communities of practice. Two years ago, the CCI asked about 15 Alsatian industrialists to participate in a working group on the human factor in the industry of the future. I immediately ...

Bernard Bloch, Électricité de Strasbourg

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Jean-Philippe BOOTZ

Head of the Knowledge Management and Foresight Chair



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