Corporate Chairs

A corporate chair is a partnership system to encourage cooperation between companies and a research center on specific issues. The ambition is to advance the science and practice of management in the face of today's international challenges.
To date, EM Strasbourg Business School has seven active corporate chairs.

Corporate Chairs - EM Strasbourg

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Companies: share your social and environmental commitments ! 

Customer experience is at the core of many companies’ strategic plans and is of increasing interest to academic research. The Customer Experience Chair offers a space for research and discussion on this cross-disciplinary topic.

Logistics platforms: optimizing, the core asset. Two key factors determine the competitiveness of a logistics platform: the rigor of its design and the control over its internal flows.

Knowing how to decipher investors’ behavior and the consequences, based on a scientific approach

The Chair aims to disseminate tools and good practices observed during studies and provide training to managers and buyers of family businesses. It also aims to help and assist managers in implementing these good practices.

The Chair aims to produce cross-reflection between researchers and practitioners on issues of knowledge creation, sharing, and codification from a perspective of supporting innovation.

An open and innovative ecosystem for professionals in the tourism, wine, and wine tourism sectors