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Customer experience is at the core of many companies’ strategic plans and is of increasing interest to academic research. The Customer Experience Chair offers a space for research and discussion on this cross-disciplinary topic.


Editorial by Claire Roederer


The idea of the Customer Experience Chair is based on a simple observation. There is not a single company that does not deliver an experience to its customers, regardless of its industry. However, not all companies use the experiential perspective to build competitive advantages. The idea behind the Chair is therefore to bring together partners operating in different sectors around the topic of customer experience and to combine managerial and academic perspectives.


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Our Research Areas

  • Searching for academic research on strategic issues for companies
  • Participating in the selection of research questions around the theme of customer experience


Our Mission

The aim of the Customer Experience Chair at EM Strasbourg is to create a space for research, discussion, and training around the topic of customer experience in its physical and digital variations and its cross-functional nature.


“The changes in the markets in which we operate are a source of questioning for Hager Group, forcing us to change the relationship we have with our users. In October 2016, we launched our Hager Services division, responsible for coordinating the customer experience strategy, generating synergies, an...

Martin Kaiser, Hager Services

"It might seem surprising that a sports club cares about customer experience, but in reality it is at the heart of our strategic direction for the years to come. We see that in the United States in particular sporting events are real entertainment, accessible to non-expert and family audiences. In r...

Martial Bellon, SIG Strasbourg

"When we sell tailor-made kitchens and fittings, when we enter our clients' homes every day—their private world, I assure you that the notion of client experience is absolutely essential. For four years, we have been working on the purchasing process for customers of our two brands, Cuisinella and S...

Sabine Aupetit, Schmidt Group

Key Figures

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    award-winning projects on the theme “From uses to experience on platforms”

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    second call for projects was launched in 2019 on the theme “Customer experience and incidents: how to deliver on the promises of experience?”

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    research program over three years



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