School Leadership and Governance

EM Strasbourg is part of the University of Strasbourg, a university that is recognized worldwide for the quality of its research. The School is administered by a Board of Trustees representing all its stakeholders, internal and external, and a Dean. Together, they define the strategic directions of EM Strasbourg Business School.

School Leadership and Governance - EM Strasbourg

The School Board of Trustees:

The School Board of Trustees is made up of 34 members, including representatives of all the School's stakeholders (research lecturers, students, and administrative staff) as well as external figures. The Board of Trustees is currently chaired by Patrick Hetzel, elected from among the external figures for a renewable three-year term. 


The School Board of Trustees meets at least three times a year. Its duties include the following:

  • Defining the School's educational and research programs 
  • Approving the School's budget and its implementation
  • Approving the School's statutes


Composition of the School Board of Trustees (34 members):

  • 10 representatives from the School's research lecturers, teachers, and researchers 
  • 8 student representatives 
  • 2 representatives from the School’s administrative staff 
  • 14 external figures  



2021 elections

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