The Observatory of the Future

A real showcase for research at EM Strasbourg, the Observatory of the Future maintains a strong link with its partners with a view to carrying out joint reflections. 

The Observatory of the Future  - EM Strasbourg


The Observatory of the Future is a platform for cross-reflections between companies, researchers, and regional stakeholders on prospective subjects. In line with EM Strasbourg’s strategic pillars, it makes it possible to

  • reinforce transdisciplinary research, in collaboration with companies;
  • identify the emerging needs of companies and inform their strategic decisions;
  • increase collaboration with companies and the region.



  • Enable participating companies to anticipate the evolution of their business sector through rigorous prospective methods (monitoring, collective reflection, and expert input) that bring forth scenarios and strategic actions
  • Lead a research program involving a team of researchers from EM Strasbourg responsible for showcasing the results of prospective studies (academic publications, conferences, and symposia)  




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