The Observatory of the Future

A real showcase for research at EM Strasbourg, the Observatory of the Future maintains a strong link with its partners with a view to carrying out joint reflections. 

The Observatory of the Future  - EM Strasbourg


The Observatory of the Future is a platform for cross-reflections between companies, researchers, and regional stakeholders on prospective subjects. In line with EM Strasbourg’s strategic pillars, it makes it possible to

  • reinforce transdisciplinary research, in liaison with companies;
  • identify the emerging needs of companies and inform their strategic decisions;
  • increase connections with companies and the region.



  • Enable participating companies to anticipate the evolution of their business sector by relying on rigorous prospective methods (monitoring, collective reflections, and questioning of experts) allowing scenarios and strategic actions to be built
  • Lead a research program involving a team of research lecturers from EM Strasbourg responsible for promoting the results of prospective studies (academic publications, conferences, and symposia)  



Current Projects  

The "Uberization and Industry in 2030" study was carried out from February 2019 to March 2020. It led to four evolution scenarios being drafted (hyperconsumption, green digital, a technology crash, and positive technology) and the identification of threats, opportunities, challenges, and action plans for each scenario. The study has now entered its phase of enhancing the results (communication, publications, and conferences).



The first prospective study conducted on the theme "Uberization and Industry in 2030" brought together a team of 20 collaborators.


Multidisciplinary Research Lecturers 

  • J.P. Bootz
  • A. Boutinot
  • K. Bouvier
  • E. Casenave
  • K. Djuricic
  • C. Lemaire
  • S. Michel
  • J. Pallud
  • J. Yalenios


Company Representatives  

  • Fabrice Stephan
  • Nicolas Sieffert (Schaeffler)
  • Simon Schaeffler (Burkert)
  • Stephane Jedele (Arpa- cooking)
  • Bertrand Leger (Orisun)
  • Frank Gentzibittel (Bechtle)
  • Nadia Peiffer-Puh (IECI)
  • Tiphanie Jung
  • Stephanie Wawrzyniak
  • Jean-Christophe Sick (Araymond)
  • Bernard Bloch (ES) 




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