Behavior and Decision-Making

Objective: to bring together interdisciplinary research around economic stakeholders’ decision-making issues in various managerial contexts.

Behavior and Decision-Making - EM Strasbourg


The aim of the Behavior and Decision-Making research group is to bring together interdisciplinary research (management, finance, behavioral economics, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience) around economic stakeholders’ decision-making issues in various managerial contexts.


Project and Organization 

Created in 2018, the research group aims to be a national benchmark in management sciences, particularly through its publications and international collaborations (Catholic University of Louvain, INEF network, and University of Adelaide).
This group studies the adaptation of stakeholders’ decision-making processes in varied and changing environments, when it comes to technological transformations, innovations in trade relations, or significant developments in the regulatory and legal framework.  Research is organized around three main themes:

  • Behavioral finance (Heads: Broihanne/Merli/Roger)

  • New technology adoption & digital behavior (Heads: Pallud/Plotkina)

  • Behavior of entrepreneurs & governance of firms (Heads: Broye/Hamelin/Pfiffelmann)



Academic Output

  • 2020: Organization of the fourth workshop “Entrepreneurship: Cognitive and Behavioral Approaches,” Strasbourg, Marie Pfiffelmann / Anaïs Hamelin

  • 2018-2020: 15 articles published in academic journals including Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Finance, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Ethology, Journal of Business Research, and Information Systems Journal

  • 2019-2020: Cycle of 12 internal seminars (presentations of original articles or methodologies)

  • 2019: Organization of the workshop "Fintech adoption and economic behavior: where do we stand?" April 1-2, 2019, EM Strasbourg Business School



Group Members

Internal members:

  • Marie-Hélène Broihanne, Behavioral Finance, Unistra

  • Régis Blazy, Finance, Unistra
  • JP Bootz, Entrepreneurship, Unistra
  • Amélie Boutinot, Strategy, Unistra
  • Géraldine Broye, Governance, Unistra
  • Nicolas Eber, Experimental Economics, Unistra
  • Christophe Godlewski, Finance, Unistra
  • Anaïs Hamelin, Entrepreneurial Finance, Unistra
  • Charlotte Massa, Marketing, Unistra
  • Sophie Michel, Organizational Theory, Unistra
  • Maxime Merli, Finance, Unistra
  • Patrick Roger, Behavioral Finance, Unistra
  • Jessie Pallud, Information Systems, Unistra
  • Marie Pfiffelmann, Corporate Finance, Unistra
  • Daria Plotkina, Information Systems, Unistra
  • Laurent Weill, Finance, Unistra

External members:

  • Catherine D'Hondt, Behavioral Finance, UCLouvain
  • Rudy DeWinne, Behavioral Finance, UCLouvain
  • Arvid Hoffmann, Marketing, University of Adelaide
  • Tristan Roger, Finance, Paris Dauphine University



Heads of Research Group 


Maxime Merli 

Full Professor



Patrick Roger

Full Professor


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