About La Ruche à Projets

La Ruche à Projets is EM Strasbourg Business School's entrepreneurial center. Inaugurated in 2013, it functions as a real incubator that supports students with an entrepreneurial spirit.

About La Ruche à Projets  - EM Strasbourg

Our Mission

La Ruche à Projets supports the entrepreneurial aspirations of EM Strasbourg students on the University of Strasbourg campus. Our goal is to instill values such as ethics, sustainable development, and diversity in the entrepreneurs of the future. 

Do you have a project that is close to your heart? La Ruche à Projets is the part of the School that will allow you to make your idea a reality and reveal the entrepreneur in you.



The teaching at La Ruche à Projets is inspired by Team Academy, an innovative Finnish model developed for students and based on team entrepreneurship. The founding principles include 

  • learning by doing,
  • teamwork, and
  • leadership development.

This teaching method was developed at the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences’ School of Entrepreneurship with a simple objective: to train independent people, capable of cocreating and carrying out innovative projects with a high impact on society. 

At EM Strasbourg, we have been developing this approach since 2011, particularly within the Bachelor of International Business program (Team Entrepreneur track).
Thanks to the theoretical tools provided by the coaches, students at La Ruche à Projets adjust their project and test their idea in the market. The goal of learning by doing is to limit the risk of a product/service not matching the reality of the market. It is also about developing skills in contact with real customers. 


"Error is a source of learning."


The team of learners help one other and develop not only interpersonal skills and conflict management, but also team leadership and self-knowledge. 


"The critical thinking of a community member is necessary in order to progress."


Key Figures 

  • 100 students at La Ruche à Projets during 2019-2020
  • 15 dedicated coaches
  • 844 m2 of coworking space
  • 15 community events

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