Business Incubator: La Ruche à Projets

Where EM Strasbourg's students, alumni, and external community members find the support they need to get their start-ups up and running!

Business Incubator: La Ruche à Projets - EM Strasbourg



Inaugurated in 2013, the incubator La Ruche à Projets got a makeover in September 2019, making it worthy of a grande école and boosting entrepreneurial aspirations

The only grande école incubator in Alsace offering support for both for-profit and not-for-profit entrepreneurial projects, La Ruche à Projets encourages EM Strasbourg students and alumni and any asipiring entrepreneurs to make their business idea a reality through various training and support programs tailored to suit different types of business and stages of development. 




  • Be part of a community of more than 250 project leaders or entrepreneurs 
  • Be in direct contact with more than 30 partners from the local and national entrepreneurial ecosystem 
  • Meet successful entrepreneurs from La Ruche à Projets at workshops and conferences throughout the year  
  • Benefit from support based on collaborative learning, promoting collective intelligence and the sharing of knowledge and experience 



The Coaching Team 

A team of seven coaches, professionals from the entrepreneurial world, along with various guest speakers from the entrepreneurial ecosystem (start-up founders, mentors, etc.) are present to spur you on in the development of your idea throughout the incubation program.  




  • Two incubation periods per academic year: in October and February
  • Call for projects in September and January



Application Requirements 


  • Have an entrepreneurial project, whether it be at the idea, proof of concept, or marketing stage 
  • Be alone or in a team 



Our Partners from the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem


We work closely with the following partners from the entrepreneurial ecosystem to help you develop your project:

A Few Key Figures


Since 2019

  • 250+ entrepreneurial projects have been supported by the incubator 
  • 45% survival rate for projects that have been supported for one year 
  • 67 start-ups have been created 



Marion Bromley

Head of La Ruche à Projets Entrepreneurial Center

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