Business Incubator: La Ruche à Projets

Six months of support for EM Strasbourg students and alumni!

Business Incubator: La Ruche à Projets  - EM Strasbourg



Inaugurated in 2013, the incubator La Ruche à Projets got a makeover in September 2019, making it worthy of a grande école and boosting entrepreneurial aspirations

Its raison d'être is to foster and support the entrepreneurial ambitions of EM Strasbourg students and graduates by playing an active role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem!




  • Be part of a community of more than 200 project leaders or entrepreneurs 
  • Be in direct contact with more than 30 partners from the local and national entrepreneurial ecosystem 
  • Meet successful entrepreneurs from La Ruche à Projets at workshops and conferences throughout the year  
  • Benefit from support based on collaborative learning, promoting collective intelligence and the sharing of knowledge and experience 


The Incubation Program in Detail

On an à-la-carte basis, the incubation program allows you to take advantage of

  • three entrepreneurial course sets,  
  • over a period of six months,
  • in the form of group coaching sessions (80% of support) and individual sessions (20% of support), 
  • for an average of three hours of sessions per week (almost exclusively in the evening). 

Being part of the incubation program means being part of La Ruche à Projets's community of entrepreneurs, where peers interact, exchange, and share best practices! 



The Coaching Team 

A team of eight coaches, professionals from the entrepreneurial world, along with various guest speakers from the entrepreneurial ecosystem (start-up founders, mentors, etc.) are present to spur you on in the development of your project throughout the incubation program.  




  • Two incubation periods per academic year: in October and February
  • Call for projects in September and January
  • Apply from January 1 to 30, 2023, to the call for projects for February 2023



Application Requirements 


  • Have an entrepreneurial project, whether it be at the idea, proof of concept, or marketing stage 
  • Be alone or in a team 
  • Have a least one EM Strasbourg student or alumni in the project team 



Our Partners from the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem


We work closely with the following partners from the entrepreneurial ecosystem to help you develop your project:

A Few Key Figures


In 2020/2021  

  • 101 project leaders (EM Strasbourg students and alumni) 
  • 64 project teams 
  • 38 entrepreneurial projects continued their activity in September 2021 
  • 60% survival rate 
  • 18 events organized over the year in person and online 

In 2021/2022  

  • 57 project leaders (EM Strasbourg students and alumni) 
  • 39 project teams
  • 17 entrepreneurial projects continued their activity in September 2022 
  • 44% survival rate 
  • 30 events organized over the year in person and online 



Marion Bromley

Head of La Ruche à Projets

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