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Application and selection procedures / Language requirements / Orientation Session / VisasGrades and credit transfer / Budget

Application and selection procedures

Students from partner universities interested in doing an exchange semester or year at EM Strasbourg Business School should contact their home university for more information on the nomination and application procedures. Only partner universities may nominate students for an exchange in Strasbourg; we do not accept applications from students directly.

Students interested in doing an exchange at EM Strasbourg Business School should have completed at least two years of higher education prior to arriving in Strasbourg and should meet our language requirements.

Language requirements

Business courses in both English and French are open to exchange students at EM Strasbourg Business School. Prior knowledge of French is not required for students who take only courses taught in English. Level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in the language of instruction (English or French) should this not be their mother tongue is strongly recommended. Exchange students have the possibility, if they wish, to join French language classes.

Orientation Session

The International Relations Office at EM Strasbourg Business School organises at the beginning of each semester an Orientation Session for exchange students. The session aims at helping students transition to their studies and life in Strasbourg. During the Orientation students also complete their administrative registration at EM Strasbourg Business School.

For students arriving in Strasbourg in September, the Orientation Session take place in the first week of September; for students arriving in Strasbourg in January, the Orientation Session is organised in the first week of January. Exchange students within our Bachelor in International Buisiness (BIB) programme start their semester later and their Orientation Session takes places at the end of September or January respectively.


Students holding a passport from the EEA Countries do not need a visa to enter and/or study in France.

International students from outside EEA need to arrange a student visa before they arrive in France. Applications for French visas are made via the Campus France website as early as possible before the expected date of arrival in France. EM Strasbourg Business School will provide Letters of Acceptance and Housing Certificates to selected students in support of their visa applications.

Grades and credit transfer

We use the French grading system which ranges from 0 to 20, with 20 being the highest mark. To validate a course, students need to get at least 10.

The credits awarded at EM Strasbourg Business School are part of the ECTS credit system (European Credit Transfer System) used at European Universities.

Grade conversion into other grade systems and ECTS credit transfer to home credits is done by exchange students’ home universities.

Estimate your budget

Strasbourg is considered a slightly more expensive city than other French cities of similar size due its peculiar political, geographical and economic situation. However, it has a large student population (about 45,000 students) and it is adapted for student budgets as well.

Generally speaking, monthly living costs in Strasbourg may amount to the following:
  • Accommodation: between 250 and 500 euros depending on the type of accommodation.
  • Food and other daily expenses: between 300 and 500 euros per month.
  • Transport: 24 euros for a monthly bus/tram pass.

All students registered at EM Strasbourg Business School will receive a University of Strasbourg student card, which is also a cash card, and which will allow them to get two-course lunches in University canteens for slightly over 3 euros only.

Also, students may purchase a Culture Card, with which students can get discounted tickets for cinema, concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events.

Date of update January 25, 2019

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Exchange Student Services
Exchange students may visit our International Welcome Desk:

Building D, Office D14
Open every morning from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Afternoons by appointment only

Or contact the International Office by e-mail:

Focus Europe

Being in the heart of Europe in the city of Strasbourg is a geographical advantage for our School which we integrate into our study programmes in turning Europe into a natural component of our curricula.

An excellent example of matching European theory and practice is the class “Introduction to European Economic Policy” led by Dr. Sabine Menu, associate professor. In order to gain practical understanding of decision making within the European institutions, over 100 of students take part in a Simulation Game and visit of the European Parliament.

During their visit students will have the opportunity to meet European Members of Parliament and take over different roles in the decision making process discussing the end of “geo blocking “within the European single market.