Programme Grande École

With the PGE combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program, think big and dream big through personal and professional development, academic excellence, and international immersion.


You have the option of joining the program right after high school or after two or three years of higher education.



By choosing our PGE program, you’re sure to receive the guidance you need to make the right choices and reveal your leadership potential. Thanks to our EMpowerment philosophy, inspired by the entrepreneurial world, you can design and experiment with your career plan in order to boost your profile and future employability. Built on an excellent academic curriculum, the program is punctuated by a host of professional and international opportunities, including international stays, in-company experience, student association projects, entrepreneurial ventures, etc.

Charlotte Massa

Associate Dean for Programme Grande École

Delphine Theurelle-Stein

Director of Studies for Programme Grande École

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Strasbourg, One of the Top 3 University Towns

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Eléonore Zaun

National Student Recruitment and Promotion Coordinator

Marine Gregoire

International Student Recruitment and Promotion Coordinator

Their Experience

"EM Strasbourg allows us to envision a career path that is adapted to our individual desires and aspirations. I chose the Marketing & Customer Relations major. I also got involved in the Sports Association and the Ecricome Team Challenge. Classes and community life allow me to combine my passion...

Clément Maurin

"Programme Grande École at EM Strasbourg was a natural choice. Going abroad for a whole year was really a great opportunity for me. I was also attracted by the community life at EM; it was the richest and most memorable experience of my years at the School."

Nina Wion

"I chose to participate in various associations. I started with Europe Études, the Junior Enterprise, then became president of the Team Challenge, and finally was appointed to head a section of the Sports Association. This allowed me to combine my experience with my passion. I also chose to major in...

Alexandre Gueguen

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