Summer School

Every summer, EM Strasbourg Business School organizes its International Summer School program for students coming from our partner universities. 

Summer School - EM Strasbourg


Studying in the heart of Europe, the students take courses in European business. A number of courses are taught by guest faculty from around the world. The courses are complemented by a variety of corporate and cultural visits.

Undergraduate and graduate students from partner universities may participate in our Summer School program. This program is ideally suited to business students from all specializations and/or international studies students. Students from other majors may also be considered. Please contact us for further information.


Academic and Language Requirements

All classes, lectures, and visits will be held in English and no prior knowledge of French is required; Students need to meet the following requirements:

- Proficiency in English (minimul level of B2 in English according to the Common European Reference Framework of Languages).

- Undergraduate or graduate level (at least 2 years of university studies)

- No pre-requisites



Grades and Credit Transfer

The courses in the program amount to 15 ECTS credits (7.5 US credit hours).
Kindly note that students are required to take all classes on the syllabus.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a grade transcript.

EM Strasbourg Business School uses the French grading system, which ranges from 0 to 20, with 20 being the highest grade.

You can consult the grading scale used at EM Strasbourg

Grade conversion into other grade systems is done by students’ home universities.



Students are accommodated in private residence halls near the School. Further information will be sent to applicants. 


Nomination and Application Procedures

EM Strasbourg will inform partner universities on nomination and application procedures. We do not accept applications from students directly.


Contact Information