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Les travaux de recherche menés par nos enseignants-chercheurs contribuent à la qualité des enseignements de l’école. Retrouvez ici, l’ensemble de leurs articles académiques.

607 publications

TANG M., WALSH G., LERNER D., FITZA M. (2019). Green innovation, managerial concern and firm performance: An empirical study. Business Strategy and the Environment, 27 (n° 1) [ABS cat.3, CNRS cat.4, FNEGE cat.3, HCERES cat.B] Impact Factor. 3

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LAMBERT G., ARAB A. (2019). Appropriation du capital humain par une entreprise certifiée ISO 9001 au travers des mécanismes de conversion des connaissances. Revue Algérienne des Ressources Humaines, 3 (n° 1) Impact Factor. 0.01

ROEDERER C., REVAT R. (2019). Experiential Staging in the Urban Space: Video Mapping of Places and Non-places. International Journal of Arts Management, 21 (n° 2) [ABS cat.1, CNRS cat.4, FNEGE cat.4, HCERES cat.C]

NORMAND R., VILLANI M. (2019). Les nouvelles conventions du travail académique ou les reconfigurations du professionnalisme universitaire. Revue Française d'Administration Publique, 1 [CNRS cat.4, HCERES cat.C]

SIGALA M. (2019). A market approach to social value co-creation: findings and implications from "Mageires" the social restaurant. Marketing Theory, 19 (n° 1) [CNRS cat.3, FNEGE cat.3, HCERES cat.B]

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SUAREZ N., FERRER E., SANTAMARIA R. (2019). Does analyst information influence the cost of debt? Some international evidence. International Review of Economics & Finance [ABS cat.2, FNEGE cat.4]

GARCíA DE MADARIAGA MIRANDA J., RECUERO VIRTO N., BLASCO LóPEZ F., MANZANO A. (2019). Optimizing website quality. The case of two superstar museum websites. International Journal of Culture, Tourism, and Hospitality Research, 13(1), 16-36. (SJR Q2 in Geography, Planning, and Development. Business, Management and Accounting

CONDUIT J., KARPEN I., TIERNEY K. (2019). Volunteer Engagement: Conceptual Extensions and Valuein- Context Outcomes. Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 29 (n° 4) [ABS cat.1, CNRS cat.4, HCERES cat.C]

TANG M., XU P., LLERENA P., JAHANSHAHI A. (2019). The impact of the openness of firms' external search strategies on exploratory innovation and exploitative innovation. Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal [ABS cat.2, CNRS cat.3, FNEGE cat.3, HCERES cat.B]