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Bachelor in International Business

A three-year full time Bachelor programme, mainly in French and progressively introduces courses taught in English.

Study period : 3 academic years
Next session  : sept. 2019


Our mission is to train students in an international environment to be effective and globally aware business managers.

You will not only be part of a renowned French business school, but at the same time one of the largest French universities, the University of Strasbourg. The only business School part of French University.

The program focuses on the practical application of the principles of international business. You will acquire in-depth knowledge and skills to master middle management decisions in a European and global setting, in your future career. The full range of management disciplines such as management, strategy, entrepreneurship, finance, economics, law, communication and marketing will be covered as well as essential values in international business such as ethics, sustainability, and diversity.

The program begins mainly in French and progressively introduces classes taught in English. The final year is taught entirely in English with 4 specializations: Marketing and business development, International Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship.

Our global approach: A Learning system based on 5 pedagogical approaches

  1. Personal and professional development and Human Resources
  2. Entrepreneurship and strategy
  3. Marketing and communication
  4. Finance and economics
  5. Languages and Intercultural

The degree is internationally focused, as highlighted by the following aspects:

  • English proficiency with a 3 months stay abroad in an English language center (EU, USA), according to requirements and visa approbation (in year one).
  • Intercultural management courses in three different languages (English, German, Spanish)
  • One semester or one academic exchange year (For students who have joined the school in the first year / according to criteria)
  • Professional experience with three compulsory internships in an international context.

This rich and varied programme will guarantee your employability on the international scene.

10 good reasons to integrate our Bachelor's degree

  1. A recognized university degree that benefits from the Grande Ecole brand.
  2. A multidisciplinary program in management and marketing-sales.
  3. Methodological and field training.
  4. International experience from the first year.
  5. A faculty both academic and professional.
  6. Personal development through practical projects and practical work experience.
  7. Personalized coaching to build personal and professional projects.
  8. A marked competence in new technologies: embedded software packages, graphical presentation, databases, web and social networks.
  9. Strong demand from employers in future commercial managers to bac + 3.
  10. An effective springboard for preparing for a Master's degree.

Prospective students
We have a specific international admissions process via Pass-World admission.

To be eligible for admission to our bachelor’s programme, international students must have a non-French Baccaulaureate Degree for 1st year entrance in Bachelor in International Business and a non-French 2-year undergraduate Degree for a 3rd and final year entrance in Bachelor in International Business.
Selection and application procedures
The standard application procedure for international students is organized via the Pass-world Consortium, an international admissions process for students holding a non-French Baccaulaureate Degree or non-French 2-year undergraduate Degree and wishing to enroll into a French business school.

Applications are made exclusively online on the Pass-world application platform.

Registration is open from early October of each year and the deadline to send your application is set at the end of May for a September start.
€7000 per academic year + app. €400 for the university additional fees and student social security coverage mandatory for all non-European students in France).
The administrative registration is completed upon the start of the academic year in September.

  • International Marketing and Sales
  • International Finance and Accounting
  • International Supply Chain Management
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Customer relationship manager
  • Entrepreneur (La Ruche “beehive” incubator)

Current situation of graduates 2015
Continuing Studies 65 %
In professional year 18 %
Professional activity 13 %
Searching for a job 4 %

Location of Students working
In Alsace 37,5 %
In France (Out of Alsace) 25 %
Abroad 37.5 %

Further study
Application for a Master's degree
Séverine Bonhomme
Email : severine.bonhomme@em-strasbourg.eu

Date of update September 26, 2018

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