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EM Strasbourg Business School
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EM Strasbourg Business School
EM Strasbourg Business School
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About EM Strasbourg

EM Strasbourg Business School distinguishes itself by being the only business school in France that is part of an academic centre of excellence, the University of Strasbourg. Our identity is defined by a forward-looking and innovative vision of the socio-economic world and its environment.


Key Figures∗

3,600 students
more than 230 international partner universities
2 research laboratories
22,000 alumni worldwide

*figures as of September 2019

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Key Dates

2019: Renewal of the Qualicert Certification (3 years)
2017: HCERES accreditation for research centres & programmes (5 years)
2017: EPAS re-accreditation (5 years)
2016: Renewal of the Qualicert Certification (3 years)
2016: Renewal of the Label Diversité (4 years)
2015: AACSB accreditation (5 years)

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Three core values




Date of update February 24, 2020

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