Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral Degrees - EM Strasbourg


Do you want to do a PhD? Is your PhD adviser a member of one of our research centers?  


Join the Augustin Cournot Doctoral School 

To become a doctoral student under the supervision of one of our research lecturers, you must enroll at the Augustin Cournot Doctoral School, affiliated to the Doctoral College of the University of Strasbourg. This school trains and supports doctoral students in their administrative procedures and their search for funding as well as in the preparation of their dissertation and their entry into the job market. 

  • The Augustin Cournot Doctoral School:
  • The European Doctoral College:


Your Academic Environment: The Research Centers LaRGE and HuManiS

By choosing a PhD adviser from among our research lecturers, you will have access to the different resources available at our two research centers: 

  • Monthly workshops led by members of your research center
  • Training on specific software, quantitative methods, etc.
  • Modeling advice from our econometrician-statistician 
  • Conferences led by visiting professors of various nationalities 
  • Conventions or workshops organized within the School 
  • Funding for external seminars, granted conditionally 
  • A network of partner schools at the international level 



How to Enroll

Find all the information you need to enroll on the University of Strasbourg’s website: