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EM Strasbourg educates future managers able to apprehend the transformations of the economic world and to imagine new development tracks, which will be implemented in your company. Our four education programs from Bachelors to Masters’ levels educate a community of more than 3 000 students, with various profiles, among which you will be able to find the best candidate who will meet your expectations.

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By choosing an EM Strasbourg student, you will recruit a co-worker with a global outlook.

More than half of EM Strasbourg students spend a year abroad during their studies, which allows them to be open-minded and to develop the necessary skills to work in a company.

… competent,

Our programs provide high-level competences in all management fields. The academic programs are designed to fit the corporate needs.

… and responsable.

We educate our students to develop an ethical management style, which fosters diversity and sustainable development.


Recruit an intern

Internships give students an overview of the working world and the professional environment they are going to choose for their career. Those trainings in the professional field are complementary to the academic education.

Every year, about 1 400 students from our School perform an internship in a company for durations ranging from one to six months according to the programs.


Contact :


Recruit a Co-op student

Co-op track enables students to gain a professional qualification, certified by a degree, and to benefit from a long-term work experience in a company. This gives students the opportunity to apply their academic skills in the world of practice.

Co-op track presents various advantages for companies: pre-recruitment, training of future managers, transfer of academic knowledge, creation of School-company partnerships and receiving financial support.

Co-op track in the Programme Grande Ecole

Co-op track is offered to 3rd year students of the Programme Grande Ecole, who seek to gain professional experience and financial autonomy. The co-op track can last from 12 to 15 months and can be performed in large companies but also SMEs.

The PGE specializations including co-op track are:
And including both co-op track and dual degree (see below):

Co-op track in the Master’s Degrees

To enter a second-year Master’s degree in a co-op track, it is compulsory for students to have completed a first Master’s year (M1) or a Bac+4.

Master’s Degrees with a co-op track:
Laetitia Bouyre
Internship and Cop-op Track Coordinator


Recruit an Alumni

Founded in 2008, the EM Strasbourg Alumni association supports students and graduates all along their career. It also animates the worldwide graduate community, with more than 22,000 members around the world.

Submit your job offers to EM Strasbourg graduates (FR)

In close interaction with the socio-economic world, the Alumni association organizes numerous events and initiatives to foster the professional integration and reorientation of its members, to enhance the School’s notoriety, and to contribute to meeting the School’s strategic objectives.

Key missions:
  • Develop and animate EM Strasbourg’s alumni network;
  • Fulfil needs and expectations of both students and graduates by supporting them all along the studies and career (5 years after graduation);
  • Promote the School’s image and degree programs.
Please visit EM Strasbourg Alumni’s website (FR)

Alumni Service

Date of update February 27, 2020

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Olivier Broihanne
Business & Corporate Development Director