Become a Class Mentor

Mentoring a class allows you to establish a special, long-lasting relationship between your company and the students of one of our main programs of study: Programme Grande Ecole, Bachelor of International Business, and the Master’s Program.

Become a Class Mentor - EM Strasbourg

Become a class mentor to increase your visibility among our School’s students and recent graduates.


This role offers you many privileged interactions with our students throughout their studies.
Support them on their journey, take part in our recruitment events, meet our best candidates, and have your employees give testimonials to gain visibility within the School’s student body. 


Unique Services for Your Business

  • Visibility on our various communication tools
  • A prime location on our JobTeaser platform
  • The opportunity to meet with our students to detect future talents during events planned or made to measure according to your needs


Invest in the Visibility of Your Employer Brand at Our Events

By becoming a class mentor, you will be invited to all our events, a unique opportunity to promote your company within our School. 

  • A special speech from your management during the start-of-term conferences in September, and a relay via our communication tools.
  • An exclusive speech from your management at the graduation ceremonies, and a relay via our communication tools. We can offer you additional visibility by providing you with a stand at this event, which takes place at the Zénith in Strasbourg and brings together more than 3,000 participants, including young graduates, their families,  our teaching teams, as well as internship and co-op supervisors from regional, national, and international companies.
  • Free participation in our corporate events:
  1. A stand at our Audit and Consulting Forum: take part for free, as a partner, in our Audit and Consulting Forum in September and meet our students looking for internships, co-op placements, and jobs in the banking, finance, and auditing sectors.
  2. A stand at our Career Fair, a recruitment forum: take part for free, as a partner, at our Career Fair each year in January and meet more than 1,000 students looking for internships, co-op placements, and jobs.


Develop Your Partnership with Our School and Increase Your Business’s Reputation

  • Attend the oral examinations of eligible candidates in order to select our future students.
  • Participate in Cap Career events: 
  1. EM Winter Games and EM's Kitchen: During these action management seminars, your company can benefit from special visibility by sponsoring the events (T-shirts, goodies) and by taking part in the award ceremony following the finals.
  2. EM Soft Skills Workshops: Throughout the year, your company can work with a small group of students on a soft skills theme. The workshops take place in the form of a breakfast or lunch on our premises and the speaker deals with a chosen theme (e.g. integrating successfully, managing your manager, reading your pay stub, etc.)
  • We also offer you interview simulations and can organize other events tailored to your needs. 


Get Involved in Training Our Students 

  • Your company can submit one or more research questions in the form of case studies that will be dealt with primarily by our students. This work is carried out under the supervision and with the collaboration of our team of research lecturers.
  • We also offer to organize a day at your company (the On-Site Training Days model) for certain specialized programs, in line with your business needs. During this on-site day, students work on an issue that is specific to your company, defined in collaboration with the School's faculty. A presentation will be given at the end of the proceedings, which you will be able to attend. 



A Team That Can Support You and Answer Your Questions 


Do you need information or would you like to become a class mentor? Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions: 


Alexandre DUBREUIL

Chief Marketing Officer

  • +33 (0)6 48 43 07 67
  • +33 (0)3 68 85 88 11

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