Co-op Programs

EM Strasbourg Business School offers a large number of co-op programs. This method of teaching is ideal for combining theoretical knowledge with business experience.

Co-op Programs - EM Strasbourg

The Co-op Track: A Double Opportunity for Our Students and for Your Company 


Each year, nearly 450 of our students take part in a co-op placement for a period of 12 to 24 months, depending on the program.

The co-op track allows you to carry out an in-depth pre-recruitment process, by assigning a particular task to the student. If the experience proves conclusive, you will have taken part in training your future employee who will have benefited from the transfer of knowledge and skills from your company.
Financial support can be obtained for recruiting a co-op student. 


Submit a co-op job opportunity



An Office Dedicated to Putting the Student and the Company in Touch with Each Other


Our Internships & Co-op Office will facilitate your contact with our students looking for co-op placements. Beyond the administrative aspects, our team ensures educational supervision to validate the assignment before the contract is signed.



Our Co-op Programs


Programme Grande Ecole

A genuine co-op program over 12 or 15 months, the co-op track is offered in the third year of Programme Grande Ecole. 


Co-op Specializations 

  • Accounting, Internal Controls, and Finance 
  • Marketing
  • Negotiation and Sales Management
  • Supply Chain Management and International Purchasing
  • Strategy and Human Performance Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing (Marketing and Event Management)
  • Digital Marketing and Technology Management (E-marketing and Digital Strategy)
  • Tourism Management
  • Entrepreneurship (Business Creation, Development, and Consulting)


Master’s Programs

  • Master of Management (first year)
  • Master of Business Creation, Development, and Consulting (second year)
  • Master of Business Engineering (second year)
  • Master of Marketing and Market Analysis (second year)
  • Master of Supply Chain Management (second year)
  • Master of Marketing and Event Management (second year)
  • Master of Human Resources (second year)
  • Master of E-Marketing and Digital Strategy (second year)
  • Master of Tourism Management (second year)
  • Master of Financial Control (second year)
  • Master of European Management Studies (second year)



The Following Companies Hosted Our Co-op Students





A Team That Can Support You and Answer Your Questions 


Do you need information or are you looking for information about hosting co-op students? Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions: 


Internships and Co-op



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