The Chairs

Bringing together companies and academic research, to help build new knowledge together.
A chair is a partnership arrangement that promotes cooperation between companies and a research center on issues in management. The goal is to develop management knowledge and practice to better deal with the challenges you face in business. 

The Chairs - EM Strasbourg

The EM Strasbourg Chairs: A Real Development Lever for Your Company 


Together with our research lecturers, who are experts in their field, you will build original responses to the challenges you face. 

By combining economic, social, and managerial expertise, you can benefit from the latest academic research findings and develop innovative skills in your sector. Your business knowledge combined with the theoretical knowledge of our research lecturers will allow you to develop a significant competitive advantage. 



1• You can contribute to your company's influence

Developing an exclusive partnership with an internationally renowned business school will allow you to reinforce your visibility and reputation in your sector of activity with a large audience. 


2• You can expand your network

A chair is a meeting place where you can share best practices with other professionals, benefit from research lecturers’ insight and expertise, and be in contact with a pool of future executives. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss your business issues and meet your future employees. 


3• The EM Strasbourg Chairs 

We currently have eight research chairs that produce knowledge in partnership with companies: 



A Team That Can Support You and Answer Your Questions 


Do you need information or would you like to set up a partnership with EM Strasbourg? Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions: 

Géraldine BROYE

Full Professor



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