Internships in companies allow our students to become acquainted with the reality of the business world, in which they will be evolving.
This practical application is inseparable from the academic knowledge developed throughout the program. 

Internships - EM Strasbourg

Internships Adapted to Students' Curricula 


Each year, nearly 1,400 of our students complete an internship at a company for a period of one to six months, depending on the program. These internships can be introductory internships (first year of Programme Grande École or the Bachelor of International Business, for example) or end-of-study internships of three to six months. 



Internship: A Win-Win for the Student and Your Company


Internships allow you to carry out an in-depth prerecruitment process, by assigning a particular task to a student. If the experience proves conclusive, you will have taken part in training your future employee who will have benefited from the transfer of knowledge and skills from your company.



A Service Dedicated to Putting the Student and Your Company in Touch with Each Other


Our Internships & Co-op Office will facilitate contact with our students looking for internships. Beyond the administrative aspects, our team ensures educational supervision to validate the assignment before the agreement is signed.

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"For four years, the EGEE, a national association of retired volunteers, has been tutoring interns at EM Strasbourg. Having young students supported by senior executives, recent and very active retirees, was an innovative approach, which over time has proven its effectiveness. Students are "coached" by a professional who can guide them at any time in their professional career. Our motto "the passion to transmit" takes on its full meaning in the context of this partnership and we could even add "the intergenerational pleasure of sharing.”

Alain Leblond
EGEE project manager for tutoring PGE interns



The Following Companies Have Hosted Our Students 




A Team That Can Support You and Answer Your Questions 

Are you looking for information about hosting students as part of an internship? Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions: 



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