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Research at the heart of EM Strasbourg’s mission

The objective of the research conducted at EM Strasbourg is to participate in the creation and development of new knowledge and practices in the field of business. This engagement is strongly emphasized in our mission statement according to which “…we aim to produce high impact intellectual contributions based on academic research relevant for 21st century organizations.”

The intellectual contributions produced by our faculty members are of different kinds:
  • academic contributions published in reviews and presented at scientific congresses, in coherence with the different management science classification systems recognized in France (CNRS, HCERES, FNEGE);
  • educational contributions which represents content used in teaching; and
  • managerial contributions that question and address the practices of managers working in companies and organizations.

This research feeds our programs and teaching activities, which creates a productive and permanent link between research and education. It guarantees that the teaching delivered in the different programs is up to date thanks to the academic engagement of the faculty members in the development of knowledge within different areas of management science. The research also contributes to the development of new curricula based on the areas of excellence developed in the research centers.


Our research centers

Currently, the School’s research activities are organized around the themes of its two research centers:

Date of update February 24, 2020

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