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Strasbourg, the Capital of Europe!

A UNESCO World Heritage site, a capital of Europe, France's second culture city and first cycling location, Strasbourg has plenty to offer its residents, students and visitors. Strasbourg is also one of the largest student cities in France, with one in ten Strasbourgeois being a student!

A UNESCO World heritage site

Strasbourg has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1988. The capital of the French region of Alsace, it is especially famous for its spectacular Gothic cathedral, its picturesque Petite France quarter and its medieval churches, buildings and half-timbered houses. At the heart of Franco-German friendship, the city of Strasbourg is also the symbol of the reconciliation of the two countries.

A capital of Europe

Strasbourg is one of the few cities in the world along with New York and Geneva which is not a state capital but which is the seat of international organisations. Strasbourg hosts such European organisations as the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights and the European Youth Centre and is widely known as ‘a capital of Europe’. Staffed by expatriates from all over Europe, the presence of these organisations makes Strasbourg one of the most cosmopolitan French cities.

A city of culture

Strasbourg enjoys a rich cultural life and is considered the second cultural city of France after Paris. Cultural venues include an Opera House, a theater, the concert complex Zenith and numerous museums.

Strasbourg Christmas market

The world renowned Christmas market is organised every year in the month in December throughout down town Strasbourg. It attracts locals as well as hundreds of thousands of tourists and it creates a special festive and joyful atmosphere before the winter holidays. An event not to miss! 

Around Strasbourg - the wine route and the Vosges Mountains

Alsace is one of France’s largest wine producing regions and is especially known for its white wines Sylvaner, Riesling, Muscat and Gewurtztramminer, as well as its sparkling wine Crémant d’Alsace. Wine lovers will particularly be interested in the wine route of Alsace which is part of the France-wide wine route and which runs through the largest wine producing villages of the region, such as Marlenheim and Thann.

For nature lovers, the Vosges Mountains lie only about 45-minute car drive away and offer plenty of hiking routes in the summer and a number of skiing resorts in the winter.

Moreover, Strasbourg is surrounded by plenty of picturesque traditional Alsatian villages, such as Eguisheim voted the most beautiful French village in 2013.

The first cycling city of France

Strasbourg is the first cycling city of France, with cycling lanes of over 550 km spanning its streets and 4,400 bicicles available within its bike scheme Velhop.

Strasbourg’s cycling tradition has been long supported by the city’s administration as part of its sustainable development and car-free travel strategy.

A great location

High quality infrastructure by air, road, rail or boat provide an excellent geographic location. The East-European TGV makes it possible to reach Paris in record time of approximately two hours. Visit other European cities of interest as hubs of low-cost airlines are located in Strasbourg and in nearby cities (Basel and Baden-Baden).

A flourishing economy

The proximity of Alsace to countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium is an important economic advantage for Strasbourg. The local economy has taken advantage of this privileged geographical context which provides access to vital markets. Some of the world’s largest corporations have placed their confidence in the Alsatian workforce who are well known for their linguistic skills and work ethics.

Date of update August 21, 2018

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