EM Strasbourg opens its grande école program to high school graduates in September 2024


Being able to enter a top-notch training program directly after high school enables you to think big, to plan far ahead, and to become a responsible manager. In September 2024, EM Strasbourg is upgrading its grande école program, which will also be accessible to high school graduates. To mark the transition, the program's entire curriculum and philosophy have been revamped.


EM Strasbourg is proud to announce the launch in September 2024 of its new grande école program, a five-year program that will be accessible directly after high school. It will still be possible to enter the program after preparatory classes or two or three years of postsecondary study.  According to Charlotte Massa, Associate Dean for Programme Grande École, “With this new five-year grande école program, we are going even further to reveal and develop the talents of each and every one of our students. Thanks to the new EMpowerment philosophy, specific to EM Strasbourg, and the revised range of courses and study tracks, the program takes on a new dimension, offering training that meets the challenges of today's organizations.”


A new five-year program

The first three years of the grande école program are devoted to experimentation and exploration. To cultivate their curiosity, discover new disciplines, and forge their scientific culture, our students benefit from a choice of electives in sociology, mathematics, statistics, geopolitics, and more. A year of internationalization, abroad or on-site, concludes the undergraduate portion. The last two years are devoted to acquiring business expertise in one of 23 specializations, either through full-time study, co-op, or a dual degree abroad at one of our partner universities.


A specific EMpowerment philosophy 

What’s the aim? For students to become the entrepreneurs of their lives. This new program is built on a specific pedagogical foundation developed by EM Strasbourg—EMpowerment—with a host of new curriculum content and a social policy thanks to flexible tuition fees based on social criteria. To achieve this, the School offers each student the opportunity to play a full part in blazing his or her own career path based on an entrepreneurial approach that includes support in three key stages:

  • Ideation to get to know yourself better and make a plan

  • Incubation to test ideas and build confidence

  • Acceleration to develop expertise and assert leadership


Acquiring leadership skills in a European context

The School's geographic location in the heart of Europe offers students a unique European experience, making them aware of the importance of their role as citizens and instilling in them a European mindset. They take part in courses and projects dedicated to European challenges, can study three modern languages (two of which are compulsory), and have the opportunity to visit the various European institutions thanks to their participation in specific conferences and workshops.

“We are more committed than ever to promoting the responsible leadership skills of our graduates, so that they are trained to make a positive impact in business and the wider civic ecosystem,” says Babak Mehmanpazir, Dean of EM Strasbourg.


Flexible tuition based on social criteria

Social diversity and inclusive excellence are among our priorities, which is why the School offers flexible tuition for scholarship students in the grande école program. Annual tuition will be degressive, depending on students’ scholarship grade: between €10,500/year (full rate) and €3,500/year, starting in September 2024.


An inclusive policy of excellence

The School attaches particular importance to its future students' commitment to their studies. Depending on when they enter the program, discounts on tuition can be applied according to their results: top grades at high school graduation, top scores in the competitive entrance exam, and high grades during the program. Together, these discounts can amount to up to €5,000.


There are several ways to join EM Strasbourg's grande école program:

  • Directly after high school, via Parcoursup, with a competitive entrance exam based on the student's last two years of high school as well as two oral tests (English and motivational interview): 70 spots in 2024 

  • After preparatory classes with the Ecricome Prépa competitive entrance exams: 150 (ECG & ECT) and 15 (Littéraire) spots in 2024

  • After two years of postsecondary study with the Ecricome Tremplin bac+2 competitive entrance exam: 100 spots in 2024

  • After three years of postsecondary study with the Ecricome Tremplin bac+3 competitive entrance exam: 120 spots in 2024

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