13th Congress of the Academy of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Évènement EM Strasbourg
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    28 June 2023

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LaRGE, EM Strasbourg Research Center and Sciences Po Strasbourg are organizing the 13th Congress of the Academy of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (AEI 2023) on "Tomorrow's entrepreneurship: New issues, new challenges?". This event will be held in Strasbourg on June 28-30, 2023.




The AEI 2023 congress will aim at confronting points of view in order to better understand the evolution of entrepreneurship currently at work in society. The impact of new forms of entrepreneurship and new entrepreneurial processes will be explored. For example, works dealing with effectual strategies and uncertainty management, new competitive rhythms and time management, but also the impact of environmental constraints on entrepreneurial strategies, will allow us to address the challenges of tomorrow's entrepreneurship.

The AEI 2023 conference is open to all works related to the fields of entrepreneurship, SMEs and innovation.

The 2023 edition organized in Strasbourg is structured around:

  • thematic sessions (or tracks) that allow for in-depth treatment of specific topics, and are organized around specific calls;
  • Varia sessions, which host work that does not fit into the specific sessions.

The 13th Congress will continue the Academy's effort to open up internationally by giving a large place to colleagues from non-French speaking countries. Submissions may be made in English or in French.

Interested researchers are invited to submit their paper proposal in one of the 20 thematic sessions or in varia.


Tracks list

  • Track 1 Cognition and emotion in entrepreneurship: contexts, dynamics, and practical implications
  • Track 2 Crowdfunding
  • Track 3 Critical perspectives in entrepreneurship: deconstruction, reproblematizing and engagement
  • Track 4 Entrepreneurship: From the “black swan” to the “grey rhinos” of Covid-19
  • Track 5 Entrepreneurship in Cultural and creative activities and territories: (new) challenges and issues
  • Track 6 Entrepreneurship in penury contexts. How to apply resourcefulness?
  • Track 7 Family Entrepreneurship and Family Businesses: Current Situation and Prospects of Research
  • Track 8 International Entrepreneurship
  • Track 9 Rural Entrepreneurship and Agricultural Innovations
  • Track 10 Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship & Health
  • Track 11 Impact Investing
  • Track 12 Social judgment, legitimacy and entrepreneurship
  • Track 13 Entrepreneurship in Space and Time
  • Track 14 Financing entrepreneurship in light of new social and environmental challenges and technological innovations
  • Track 15 The transformative power of entrepreneurship
  • Track 16 Web 3.0 and future of entrepreneurship
  • Track 17 New challenges, forms and perspectives of intrapreneurship
  • Track 18 New entrepreneurial challenges through the gender lenses 
  • Track 19 Rethinking entrepreneurial education "while the house is burning": how to adapt the practices of support and training of the entrepreneur to the major challenges of today and tomorrow?
  • Track 20 Digital Transformation of SMEs: a pathway to consillience of performance


  • 15/01/2023 : receipt of papers (short papers - max 3000 words - or long papers)
  • 15/03/2023 : notification to authors
  • 30/04/2023 : reception of the revised papers, short or long, in their final version

Call for papers: FR / EN


Modalities of submission

Types of submissions accepted:

  • long papers (full papers)
  • short papers (3,000 words max., required subheadings: Introduction/Objectives (500 words max.); Literature review (500 words max.); Approach/methodology (500 words max.); Results (500 words max.); Discussion (500 words max.); Implications and limitations (500 words max.). Papers must be original.

An anti-plagiarism check of the papers will be carried out.

Submission process

Submissions will be made on the conference platform: https://aei2023.sciencesconf.org/

To submit a paper you must first register on the platform.

Then the procedure is as follows:

  1. Click on "My submissions"
  2. Click on "Submit the paper" in the new submission section
  3. Fill in the different fields (title, abstract...)
  4. In "Topic filter" select the track in which you want to submit your paper
  5. Remember to fill in all the authors
  6. Upload your file (word or PDF) making sure that it is anonymized

For any question you can write to us at AEI2023@em-strasbourg.eu

Organizing Committee

  • Anaïs Hamelin (Sciences Po Strasbourg, University of Strasbourg)
  • Vivien Lefebvre (EM Strasbourg, University of Strasbourg)
  • Jean-Loup Soula (EM Strasbourg, University of Strasbourg)
  • Guillaume Thevenet (Sciences Po Strasbourg, University of Strasbourg).


Scientific Committee

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