C. Haller publishes a chapter in a book on wine tourism


Coralie Haller, associate professor at EMSBS, contributed to writing the composite book Sustainable and Innovative Wine Tourism. Success models from around the world, which won the 2021 OIV Award in the category Vitivinicultural Economy.

This book, published in English and Spanish, compiles the work of 36 authors of 15 nationalities on the evolution of wine tourism in different countries.

Coralie Haller is the author of chapter 6: “The Chair in Wine Tourism. Innovative Collaboration between Education, Research and Practice.”


This chapter presents an innovative collaboration based on education, research and corporate partnerships to value and promote wine tourism at a national and international level. It takes the unique and specific case of the creation and development of the Chair in Wine Tourism at EM Strasbourg Business School, University of Strasbourg, in France. The objective is to encourage universities, academics and practitioners to collaboratively work in developing research projects, training programs and strategic best practices around wine tourism. More specifically, it highlights the importance for universities to develop training programs and academics to align their research projects related to the needs of wine tourism industry, and for practitioners to financially support research and education in wine tourism. This will contribute to national and international recognition of wine tourism as an economic sector as such.

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