EM Strasbourg Officially Joins the Ecricome Entrance Examinations

Conférence de presse Ecricome

At the press conference on November 21, ECRICOME announced that EM Strasbourg would be joining its test system for the 2020 post-prep class and post-baccalaureate exams.


4 Schools for a Prestigious Entrance Examination

EM Strasbourg is leaving the Passerelle and ECB test systems, and will recruit its students from 2020 using the ECRICOME PRÉPA et LITTÉRAIRES entrance examinations and the parallel TREMPLIN 1 and TREMPLIN 2 entrance examinations.

A test system made up of 4 prestigious schools:

  • EM Strasbourg
  • Kedge Business School
  • Rennes School Of Business
  • Neoma Business School


A Growing Number of Places

With these 4 member schools, there will now be 1,925 places available for EC and Literature preparatory classes, i.e. 1/4 of the places open in the SIGEM admissions system. This expansion opens up new perspectives, especially for international recruitment.

Strategic Orientation

Joining ECRICOME is both the natural outcome of EM Strasbourg’s evolution and shared common beliefs: a desire for excellence, a link to the preparatory classes, a central place for research and innovation and the desire to be a key player on the global market. Herbert Castéran, Dean of EM Strasbourg

ECRICOME Entrance Exams at EM Strasbourg

  • ECRICOME BACHELOR Entrance Examination
  • ECRICOME PRÉPAS Entrance Examination
  • ECRICOME TREMPLIN Entrance Examination

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