J. Pfiffelmann, publication in the Journal of Business Research


Jean Pfiffelmann, associate professor at EM Strasbourg, recently published an article in volume 111 of the Journal of Business Research.

This article is entitled “Personalized advertisements with integration of names and photographs: An eye-tracking experiment” and was written in collaboration with Natalie Dens (University of Antwerp) and Sébastien Soulez (Université Lyon 2).

Abstract :

This article examines the influence of a job recruitment advertisement personalized with a recipient's name and photograph on the visual attention to the advertisement, the attitudes toward the advertisement and, ultimately, job-pursuit intentions. Perceived ad intrusiveness and attitudinal persuasion knowledge may function as parallel mediators of visual attention and attitude toward the advertisement, with personal privacy concerns as a moderator of this relationship. In a between-subjects eye-tracking experiment, 72 participants view an advertisement on LinkedIn that is either personalized or not personalized. Although the participants fixate on the personalized advertisement more frequently and view it longer, they do not notice it faster or return to it more frequently. Furthermore, enhanced visual attention augments perceived intrusiveness, regardless of participants' levels of privacy concern, and decreases attitudinal persuasion knowledge for those who are less concerned about privacy.

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