A look back on the 2022/2023 ViP Program

Stratégie internationale

As part of the Visiting Professorship (ViP) Program, several professors from international universities came to EMSBS this year to give courses to our students and discuss research projects with our faculty.

In total, 13 professors came to EMSBS to participate in one of four two-week stays spread over the two semesters. Among these visiting professors, 30% were already here the previous academic year, 46% were from strategic partner institutions, and 30% were from institutions that are part of the HERMES network.

The first day of each stay was marked by an afternoon dedicated to research, organized for ViPs and EMSBS faculty. These afternoons included (1) a research seminar during which each ViP presented a research article and (2) one or more thematic workshops related to the expertise of the ViPs (methodology, publishing, editing, etc.). A cocktail reception allowing ViPs and EMSBS faculty to mix and mingle informally brought these half-day events to a close.

Like last year, some of our PhD students had the opportunity to meet with the ViPs in order to receive constructive feedback about their PhD work.

List of participating ViPs:

Period 1 (October 3-14, 2022):

Period 2 (November 14-25, 2022):

Period 3 (January 30 - February 10, 2023):

Period 4 (March 13-24, 2023):


Upcoming projects in 2023/2024:

A call for applications has already been launched to welcome 16 new ViPs next year. The current program structure will remain unchanged, with four two-week stays spread evenly over the two semesters.

These periods will be communicated as quickly as possible so that all faculty can note the four research afternoons in their agenda.

Special events with doctoral students will also be organized.

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