A look back on the 2023 European Innovation & Trade Colloquium


EMSBS, in partnership with the Fédération de la Vente Directe (FVD) and the Global Sales Science Institute (GSSI), organized the ninth edition of the European Innovation & Trade Colloquium on April 3–4, which took place online.

The very first edition of this colloquium was held at EMSBS in 2013. The objective of this event was to allow the academic and professional worlds, as well as students, to meet during two half days in order to address common issues.

This colloquium was an opportunity to hear from several sales industry experts, discover the latest trends and innovations, and share ideas with other industry and service professionals. The 150 participants present over the course of the two days were able to listen to exciting discussions between professionals and researchers, with a view to advancing reflection on this subject and, above all, to proposing innovative solutions.

Find the complete program here 

LinkedIn post by the Fédération de la Vente Directe

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