M. Klein receives Best Paper Award at the 2023 GSSI conference

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Michel Klein, associate professor at EMSBS, received the Best Paper Award at the annual conference organized by the Global Sales Science Institute (GSSI), which took place in Toronto June 7–10, 2023.

The paper is entitled “Investigating French Salespeople's Emotion Management during Non-Virtual Sales Interactions through the Lens of the Gioia Methodology” and was written in collaboration with Juliet Poujol (Université Paris Nanterre) and Bruno Lussier  (HEC Montréal). 


The coronavirus crisis led to more remote selling, but in some markets both salespeople and customers are seeking for non-virtual interactions. Through the prism of the Gioia methodology, this paper presents a qualitative study whose objective was to understand and explain the impact of salespeople’s emotion management on sales success during non-virtual sales interactions. The authors collected accounts of salespeople’s and customers’ emotional behaviors during successful or failed sales interactions. Open-ended questionnaires were used for identifying emotional behaviors involving a decision to buy or not to buy, during non-virtual (i.e., face-to-face or on the phone) salesperson-customer interactions.

We obtained a short testimonial from him:

I would like to thank my co-authors, Profs. Poujol and Lussier, as well as the academic organizations that sponsored the 2023 GSSI Conference: the Global Sales Science Institute and the American Marketing Association (SalesSIG). I would also like to thank Profs. Rouziou, Bolander, and Peskeer for organizing this event.


We send him our warmest congratulations!

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