Model and student: Isabelle's #bedistinctive journey

Mannequin et étudiante : le parcours #bedistinctive d’Isabelle

Isabelle Duong is a second-year student in the PGE master’s degree at EM Strasbourg Business School (EMSBS). At just 18 years old and during her postsecondary preparatory classes, she made her debut in modeling for a Swiss jewelry company. Her passion and the organization that goes with it are now part of her daily life. Discover her dual role as a student model.

A modeling career that began during postsecondary studies

After graduating from high school, Isabelle completed postsecondary preparatory classes in literature at Lycée Carnot in Dijon. At the same time, she made her debut at the Cartier jewelry company in Switzerland.


“The following year, I continued my career in Paris, starting with Givenchy. Afterward, I had the opportunity to work with Sacai, Isabelle Marant, Balmain, and Makeup Forever.”


Today, alongside her modeling career, Isabelle is thriving in the PGE master’s degree and student life. “In my first year of PGE, I was part of the Arts Association, specifically the team responsible for organizing Fashion Week. We were in charge of finding partnerships with brands and boutiques for the end-of-year fashion show. This year, I’m still part of the Arts Association but in charge of the photo team, which organizes shootings open to EMSBS students.”


Fashion, a real passion!

Isabelle has been passionate about fashion since she was a teenager. “I used to watch reports on fashion and go to exhibitions and museums dedicated to it. I always wanted to work in fashion but not necessarily as a model.”

A young model, Isabelle is already proud of her career but declares with modesty that she still has a lot to learn: “I would like to continue down this path in order to progress even more.”


Two lives to lead at once

Isabelle began her career while enrolled in postsecondary preparatory classes. During two years of intense study, she had to juggle between her job in Paris and her classes, exams, and supervised homework on Saturday mornings in Dijon.

Now that she is in business school, she has more time to devote to modeling. “I usually work all week and sometimes even on weekends. I try to be as organized as possible when it comes to my classes and do my homework in advance and sometimes late at night.”

Isabelle works mainly in Paris, Milan, and Switzerland. “I'm never in one place for very long, and I don't know my schedule in advance. Everything is organized at the last minute; that's why I have to be ready at all times. Modeling allows me to travel, to meet new people, and to learn about the professional world. I am very grateful to be able to live my passion, while being supported by my agents who help me evolve in the fashion world.”


“EM Strasbourg really took into account my career and educational objectives. It’s very reassuring and encouraging to know that the administrative and teaching staff support me in reconciling my studies and my professional activity, and I thank them for that.”


A promising future

In 10 years, Isabelle still sees herself working in fashion but as a marketing executive. “I would like to continue working in the fashion business for as long as possible.”

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