Monica, an international student at EM Strasbourg

Monica Baï

Monica Baï is a third-year student in Programme Grande Ecole specializing in business creation, development, and consulting. Originally from Ivory Coast, she chose EM Strasbourg Business School for the international nature of her program of study. Discover her background, experiences, and plans for the future.



First steps at EM Strasbourg

Monica arrived in France in September 2018, after obtaining an undergraduate degree in private law in Ivory Coast. When looking to switch to management and international business, she opted for EM Strasbourg. “I chose EM Strasbourg because it was one of the few schools offering a dual degree in partnership with the University (Master of Business Creation, Development, and Consulting). I joined the School in the second year of Programme Grande Ecole.”

Upon arrival, she discovered a new program, country, and culture. “For me, everything was new here and my background in law did not necessarily match the background of the other students at EM.” However, Monica reveals that she had no difficulty fitting in with her classmates and really appreciated the support provided by the faculty. “The courses at EM Strasbourg are really structured and accessible to everyone. Lecturers are also attentive to students.”

To dive deeper into the subjects studied in class, Monica does not think twice about turning to her lecturers. “I regularly go to them for advice on further reading.” Over the course of the year, Monica has also had the opportunity to choose an elective: theater. “This course has been a really great experience. I’ve been able to gain new skills: stress management, teamwork, and self-awareness. The bottom line is that I’ve opened up to others and surpassed myself.”



Involvement in community life

For Monica, discovering the School and its student associations go hand in hand. “It's a real asset!” she says enthusiastically. “I've always wanted to get involved, and I was able to take the plunge at EM.” As a musician, Monica decided to join the Arts Association (BDA) during her second year in Programme Grande Ecole. She was mainly involved in music, meeting people and sharing her passion with other students. “I absolutely loved this experience! We performed concerts at the student lounge EM'bassade during Les négociales (a negotiation contest) and interschool concerts with INSA, for example. Once again, I was able to live new experiences.”



Career objectives taking shape

The courses at EM Strasbourg have allowed her to discover new subjects and thus refine her career objectives. But it is also thanks to the professional gap year in 2019-2020 that she was able to take a first step in the professional world. “I did an internship as a recruitment officer in a Strasbourg company. The internship went very well and made me want to pursue my studies in this field.”



Advice to pass on to international students

“Don't put up barriers—go for it!”

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