A New “Young Family Business Transferees” Program Cycle for EM Strasbourg

Évènement EM Strasbourg

On November 3, 2016, EM Strasbourg Business School signed a partnership agreement with Mazars, Mazars Société d'Avocats, CIC Banque Privée and EM Strasbourg Partenaires in order to launch a five-day training program called “Young Family Business Transferees”. This cycle, supported by the Family Business Network France, was implemented by the “Governance and Family Business Transfer” Chair headed by Patrice Charlier, Associate Professor at EM Strasbourg.

The “Young Family Business Transferees” program, launched in November 2016 in partnership with EM Strasbourg, EM Strasbourg Partenaires, Mazars, Mazars Société d'Avocats and CIC Banque Privée, takes the form of five 5-day sessions led by professionals with the assistance of leaders in their field, managers of family SMEs or middle-market companies. It encourages discussions about experiences, encounters, the appropriation of skills, and behavioral reflexes. Through these five co-constructed modules, each participant learns how to:

  • decipher their company, and to assert themselves as a manager;
  • understand the keys to a successful takeover;
  • organize family governance and corporate governance;
  • build their own vision.

This training will be an opportunity to exchange ideas, outside the family context, with peers who share the same challenges, and to meet business leaders who have successfully passed on capital and management. The registration fee is €2,200 excluding taxes.

The course is run by four establishments recognized for their competence and know-how in supporting young leaders. Speakers will include:

  • Patrice Charlier, Head of the “Governance and Family Business Transfer” Chair and Associate Professor at EM Strasbourg
  • Jean-Louis Koessler, President, Mazars Strasbourg
  • Eric Riehl, Partner, Mazars-Société d'Avocats
  • Jean-Michel Rietsch, Director of CIC Banque Privée, CIC-Est
  • Luc Darbonne, President of FBN France, is the mentor for the first class.
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