Publication of an Article in the “Journal of Global Fashion Marketing”


The “Journal of Global Fashion Marketing” has just accepted the publication of an article co-authored by two research lecturers from EM Strasbourg, in collaboration with a student from the University of Mannheim.

The “Journal of Global Fashion Marketing” is a quarterly journal that publishes peer-reviewed conceptual and empirical articles and case analyses of original works that contribute significantly to the general advancement of marketing theory, research, and practice in fashion, design, and culture.

Claude Chailan and Richard Huaman-Ramirezhave co-authored the article “Emerging Adults' Luxury Fashion Brand Value Perceptions: A Cross-Cultural Comparison between Germany and China”.

Maximilian Faschan, an exchange student from the University of Mannheim, also contributed to the writing of this article. Following a semester at EM Strasbourg, where he attended Claude Chailan's “Luxury Brand Management” course, he wrote a thesis on the theme of the perception of luxury among “Emerging Adults”. This thesis was the basis for this article. It is therefore quite an illustrative example in terms of international cross-fertilization.

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