Two Articles in “La Revue Des Sciences de Gestion”


“La Revue des Sciences de Gestion” [Management Sciences Journal] has recently put its new issue “Varia” online, which includes two articles written by research lecturers from the HuManiS Research Center.

La Revue des Sciences de Gestion is a bimonthly journal that offers a multidisciplinary synthesis of ideas, schools of thought, and methods that are developing in the business world, in all areas that are of interest to the life of organizations: companies, associations, public bodies, etc.

Dominique Siegel, Associate Professor (EM Strasbourg), wrote an article in this journal entitled “Discourse: a method for managing strategic change”.
In collaboration with Agnès Walser Luchesi, Associate Professor (EM Strasbourg), he co-authored a second article “Is price reduction a real sales lever? How to improve the estimation of the perceived gain and commercial efficiency”.

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