S. Vacher publishes a pedagogical case study on the CCMP portal


Stéphano Vacher, associate professor at EMSBS, recently published a pedagogical case study on the Centrale de Cas et de Médias Pédagogiques (CCMP) portal.

The case study is entitled “GREET : Comment innover sur le marché du biscuit apéritif ?” and was cowritten in collaboration with Nouha Ben Arfa (Esta Belfort).


Mr. Happet, Ms. Ritif, and Mr. Challet created the start-up GREET in 2021. The aim of this new company is to propose eco-friendly, innovative crackers made from edible brewery by-products that are typically thrown away. The market has seen strong growth over the past year (2020). The idea to create crackers from hops was born from the realization that combining a brewery drink and an aperitif cracker made from a similar raw material could be not only a welcome innovation but also a green one, which is at the heart of GREET’s entrepreneurial concept.

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