The Safe Place, a new space dedicated to our students

Photo de la Safe Room


Concerned about the well-being of its students, EM Strasbourg has created a new space for them: a “safe place” in B122 where they can take refuge from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. The inauguration of this new space took place on Thursday, March 2, 2023.


What is the Safe Place?

The Safe Place is a collaborative and caring space, open to them at any time, where they can

  • recharge (especially during times of stress, exams, etc.)

  • find self-serve risk reduction items (condoms, breathalyzers, earplugs, measuring glasses, etc.) or hygiene products.

  • exchange openly and freely (this place will regularly host thematic discussion circles)

  • find information about student well-being topics: a shared library corner allows them to consult books about

    • mental, sexual, and emotional health;

    • gender-based and sexual violence;

    • addiction;

    • stress management.



The Safe Place team


Head of the Student Support Office

Agathe Girbone


CSR Coordinator

Auréline Gamand


Associate Professor & Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Coordinator

Marie Lemaire


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