Special Issue of “Supply Chain 4.0” in the journal Logistique & Management

Ridha Derrouiche, a research lecturer at the HuManis Research Center, has just published a special issue of “Supply Chain 4.0” in the journal Logistique & Management (journal edited by Francis & Taylor, FNEGE ranked).

This special “Supply Chain 4.0” issue of the journal Logistique & Management presents both an academic and managerial overview of the changes brought about by the introduction of the industry concept 4.0 in the supply chain. The seven articles selected for this issue complement each other and are representative of research work on new concepts that are still not very much discussed in the literature, such as: the warehouse of the future, the blockchain, logistic mutualization 4.0, etc.

This issue was made possible thanks to the remarkable work of many colleagues who agreed to participate in the review process.  

More information on this issue and the seven selected articles are available on the journal's website

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